Spring Showers Highlight Extreme Weather Driving Tips

Regardless of location, extreme weather conditions are one of the main causes of car accidents I handle. Common roadway annoyances such as construction and potholes become dangerous during a serious downpour. Therefore, as the seasons change and April showers begin to fall, it is important that motorists keep in mind some helpful tips intended [...]

Spring Showers Highlight Extreme Weather Driving Tips2021-04-07T14:08:36-04:00

Minimizing Vehicle Distractions for Safety

With GPS systems, smart phones, and in-dash radio and internet systems, there is no lack of distractions inside your vehicle. High-tech cars have all of the different amenities to keep you entertained, but do they keep you safe? The United States Department of Transportation has issued guidelines to help drivers steer clear of distractions [...]

Minimizing Vehicle Distractions for Safety2021-02-04T10:29:14-05:00

Safety Tips for Driving in Michigan Winter Road Conditions

A few weeks ago I gave you some tips to get your vehicle winter-ready, and with this week’s blast of snow, winter in Michigan has officially begun. However, as people commute to work and their holiday destinations, the slick and icy road conditions create hazards for all. One does not have to be a top personal [...]

Safety Tips for Driving in Michigan Winter Road Conditions2020-12-03T10:26:23-05:00