Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

With summer in full swing, the time has come for motorcycle enthusiasts to hit the road. Michigan’s picturesque roads offer the perfect backdrop for riders to embrace the freedom and thrill of hitting the open road. However, sharing the road with motorcycles requires extra caution and awareness from auto drivers to ensure the safety [...]

Sharing the Road with Motorcycles2023-07-13T15:22:28-04:00

Does Your Insurance Cover Working As A Delivery Driver?

It used to be a job reserved for teenagers and college students, but working as a delivery driver for companies such as Door Dash, Uber Eats and others has become an incredibly popular job for people of all ages over the past few years. Within hours or even minutes, you can be on your [...]

Does Your Insurance Cover Working As A Delivery Driver?2023-07-10T14:00:45-04:00

Broad or Basic: Which Collision Coverage is Right For You?

As most people know, when you are in an accident and are insured by a Michigan policy, you look to your own insurance company to cover your collision expenses. It is up to you, the insured, to have appropriate collision coverage on your vehicle. You can choose to have coverage or not, and if [...]

Broad or Basic: Which Collision Coverage is Right For You?2023-09-04T03:54:36-04:00

Parent of New Driver? Tips to Remind Your Teen

With school out for the summer, newly licensed teens are starting to spend more time on the roads. Unfortunately, the most at-risk group of drivers for a car accident are teenagers, as they are (obviously) the most inexperienced on the road. In fact, they have the highest crash risk of any age group attributed [...]

Parent of New Driver? Tips to Remind Your Teen2023-09-04T03:54:36-04:00

Summer Biking Safety

My legal career is based around representing individuals who have sustained serious or fatal injuries in an accident, and I take that responsibility very seriously. As Michigan temperatures warm up, I’m sure you are seeing that more bicyclists are taking to city streets and sidewalks. Although riding a bicycle is a common and fun [...]

Summer Biking Safety2023-05-23T08:10:52-04:00

Spring Showers Highlight Extreme Weather Driving Tips

Regardless of location, extreme weather conditions are one of the main causes of car accidents I handle. Common roadway annoyances such as construction and potholes become dangerous during a serious downpour. Therefore, as the seasons change and April showers begin to fall, it is important that motorists keep in mind some helpful tips intended [...]

Spring Showers Highlight Extreme Weather Driving Tips2023-09-04T03:54:36-04:00

Safety Tips for Driving in Michigan Winter Road Conditions

As people commute to work and social destinations, the slick and icy road conditions create hazards for all. One does not have to be a top personal injury lawyer to know that driving in winter weather requires great attention and skill. It is particularly easy for a motorist to lose control of their vehicle for [...]

Safety Tips for Driving in Michigan Winter Road Conditions2023-09-04T03:54:36-04:00

Reevaluating Your Insurance Coverage

I've written to you before about the change in the Michigan No-Fault Statute wherein you can now elect limited medical coverage as opposed to the unlimited coverage we have always had. Again, I strongly urge you to elect the unlimited medical coverage! Besides that choice, there are other aspects of your coverage that are [...]

Reevaluating Your Insurance Coverage2022-12-08T12:44:17-05:00

Minimizing Vehicle Distractions for Safety

With GPS systems, smart phones, and in-dash radio and internet systems, there is no lack of distractions inside your vehicle. High-tech cars have all of the different amenities to keep you entertained, but do they keep you safe? The United States Department of Transportation has issued guidelines to help drivers steer clear of distractions [...]

Minimizing Vehicle Distractions for Safety2022-10-05T08:59:49-04:00