Regardless of location, extreme weather conditions are one of the main causes of car accidents I handle. Common roadway annoyances such as construction and potholes become dangerous during a serious downpour. Therefore, as the seasons change and spring showers begin to fall, it is important that motorists keep in mind some helpful tips intended to keep families safe while on the roadway this spring.

  • Before getting on the road, make sure that the vehicle is in good condition–the tires, windshield wipers, and rear window defogger should be working properly at all times. Additionally, safety features such as stability control, traction control, and all-wheel drive can prove to be a beneficial asset in a heavy rainfall.
  • Motorists should always be aware of their speed, regardless of the weather conditions. However, when it is raining outside it is even more important. Make sure that driving speed is kept at a reasonable pace, and to take sharp turns and curves carefully. Also, because of the wet road conditions, it is a good idea to leave extra space in between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
  • If a motorist brakes hard or locks the steering wheel, the vehicle can skid causing car accidents. Therefore, it is important to steer and brake lightly, using only moderate pressure on the pedal.
  • When it is raining, always have the headlights turned on. This can make it easier to not only see other cars on the road, but also pedestrians. Low visibility due to rain makes it harder to see and ultimately increases the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Following these simple, but important safety tips can help keep you and your family protected when on the road in extreme weather. Unfortunately, car accidents happen unexpectedly at random times causing severe personal injury. Therefore, it is important to always be prepared if an emergency situation arises. For injured victims and their family, such an incident will leave many unresolved questions. For answers, as well as the best legal advice and legal representation, it is essential contact me immediately. Doing so in a timely manner can help make sure that your personal injury claim has a positive outcome.

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