As people commute to work and social destinations, the slick and icy road conditions create hazards for all. One does not have to be a top personal injury lawyer to know that driving in winter weather requires great attention and skill. It is particularly easy for a motorist to lose control of their vehicle for one reason or another in snowy conditions, causing devastating accidents.

Every year, news sources across Michigan report a number of terrible car accidents caused by winter weather, often ending in severe personal injury or death. Driving in the snow is dangerous but should not end in disaster. As a concerned Michigan injury attorney, here are some essential extreme weather driving tips that every motorist should keep in mind this winter:

  • Before getting on the roads, make sure that your vehicle is completely cleared of snow and ice, especially on the car’s lights and mirrors.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is fully prepared for the icy weather. Refill your windshield wiper fluid and keep a winter safety kit in your car for emergency situations.
  • To make your vehicle more visible to other motorists, drive with the headlights on low beam.
  • Drive at slower speeds, especially when the roads are icy, wet, or filled with snow. Keep in mind that bridges and overpasses tend to freeze quicker than other surfaces and can be particularly dangerous.
  • To avoid rushing on the roads, leave earlier and allow yourself extra time to arrive at your destination. If the weather is really bad, consider delaying your travel all together.
  • Keep an eye on the roads at all times, especially at the traffic ahead. This allows you more reaction time should a driver ahead of you stop quickly, or problems be encountered on the road. If workers are using snow removal equipment to clear the highways, allow them plenty of room while passing by.
  • When braking, it is important to apply gradual and steady pressure instead of pressing the brake suddenly. Likewise, it is not a good idea to accelerate quickly. Even though four-wheel drive vehicles provide extra traction needed to get going, it does not help a motorist stop faster.
  • If you are involved in a car accident, attempt to move your vehicle to the side of the road and turn on your emergency lights. Immediately phone law enforcement officials and medical teams so that they can tend to the incident and injuries, if there are any.

Keeping these simple, but important safety tips in mind while on the roads this winter can help keep every motorist safe while traveling to their holiday destinations. Unfortunately, even the most careful driver is not exempt from unexpected and tragic accidents–driving at all during snowy and icy winter weather is a risk in itself. If injured in an auto accident, the consequences can be life-changing and result in significant personal injury or death. For victims and their families, many questions will undoubtedly arise regarding the next steps to take. The most important one is to contact me immediately. Aside from superior legal advice and legal representation, I will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your personal, financial, and physical losses.

Stay safe and enjoy the beauty that is winter in Michigan!

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