With GPS systems, smart phones, and in-dash radio and internet systems, there is no lack of distractions inside your vehicle. High-tech cars have all of the different amenities to keep you entertained, but do they keep you safe? The United States Department of Transportation has issued guidelines to help drivers steer clear of distractions in their vehicles and help them to keep their eyes on the road. The Secretary of the Department of Transportation says that distracted is a deadly epidemic that has devastating consequences on the roadways.

The guidelines require that drivers limit the time that he or she must take his or her eyes off the road to two seconds at a time and twelve seconds total. This means that a driver should only glance down for two seconds at a time before looking up again, and if a driver has to look down more than six times then he or she should remove the distraction altogether. Also, the Department of Transportation suggests that drivers steer clear of certain activities unless the car is in park.

These include manual text entry for text messaging and internet browsing on phones or in-console systems, and video based entertainment and communications like video conferencing or video phoning. The Department of Transportation would also like to see the display of certain texts, including text messages, web pages, and social media pages disabled while the car is in motion.

Research shows that to send a text message, an individual typically has to take his or her eyes off the road for about 23 seconds total. This increases the risk of an accident to three times the average. It is also dangerous to dial numbers on a phone while in the car or even search for a contact and then hit dial. With the invention of the cell phone, convenience has skyrocketed, but so has the danger of driving out on the roads. If you are injured in a distracted driving accident that is not your fault,  call me to assist you in your case. I will provide information about distracted driving accidents and litigation and work hard to defend your rights and get you the settlement you deserve.

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