This year, you have the chance to elect two strong, qualified jurists to the Michigan Supreme Court:
Candidate Elizabeth Welch and sitting Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack.

They have a combined 50 years of experience in law and have shown throughout their careers that they
will work on behalf of the people, not political parties.

For too long, wealthy corporations and powerful special interests have been able to use their influence
on our courts to successfully attack people’s rights in every area of the law and tilt the halls of justice in
their favor.

A vote for Welch and McCormack is a vote for a fair and balanced Michigan Supreme Court that
guarantees equal justice under the law.

We need leaders who will protect the rights of all of us, not just the wealthy and powerful.

State court rulings affect the quality of our schools; the safety of our neighborhoods; fair and
constitutional policing; access to health care; protections for workers and consumers; and the quality of
the air we breathe and water we drink.

A vote for Welch and McCormack, along with the other judicial and legislative candidates endorsed by
the Michigan Association for Justice, will balance the scales of justice and protect the rights of every

Your vote is your power to ensure that everyone can have their day in court and get a fair shot at a fair

Vote early or on November 3 for Elizabeth Welch, Bridget Mary McCormack, and the pro-civil justice
candidates on the ballot.

Make your voice heard! Feel free to refer to the enclosed endorsement guide when voting. Early voting
begins September 24 and runs thru November 2. For more information on early voting or registering to
vote, please visit

PLEASE NOTE: Welch and McCormack and other judicial candidates are on the nonpartisan section of
your ballot. Straight party voting does NOT include judges.

Make sure to fill out your entire ballot, and don’t give it back until you vote for Welch and

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